Agnus Castus Vitex Tablets

Agnus Castus Vitex for Pre Menstrual Tension - Bursting With Health
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Agnus Castus Vitex Tablets

Agnus Castus (Chaste Tree) is a plant common to the mediterrenean region. Agnus Castus Powder prepared from the berries of the Agnus Castus Plant. Agnus Castus has been traditionally used throughout Europe.

The common name of this herb is Agnus Castus. It is not a cactus (it is sometimes mis-pronounced "Agnus Cactus"), but a member of the Verbena family.

The name 'Agnus Castus' derives from the Greek for 'chaste'. According to Pliny, writing in the first century, Greek women wishing to preserve their chastity placed leaves of this plant on their beds and slept on them. Pliny's contemporary, Dioscorides, claimed that Agnus Castus preserved chastity because it smells so bad that, when strewn on the bed, it was enough to deter amorous advances from men!

Agnus Castus was certainly used widely by the ancient herbalists. Dioscorides even concurrs with its current uses; "it both brings down the milk and expels the menstrua".

Although not a native plant of the UK, records indicate that it was in use here by 1500. It is then mentioned in Gerard's herbal in the seventeenth century. Until recent years, though, you would have difficulty finding much written in UK herb books about Agnus Castus. It is in the rest of Europe that the herb has had the most use over the past century.

Do not take Agnus Castus if pregnant. If taking hormone medication, please consult your doctor before using Agnus Castus.

Agnus Castus Powder. Free from artificial colours and preservatives, yeast, gluten and lactose. No added salt or sugar in capsules.

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Agnus Castus Vitex

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