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Cocoa Capsules

COCOA BEAN, Naturally rich in polyphenols. Cocoa makes it possible to release stored fatty acids:DISLODGES DEEP-SEATED FATS. Cocoa is a DETOXICANT because of the polyphenols.In addition, due to the magnesium and serotonin contained in cocoa:IT HAS A RELAXING EFFECT which is useful to reduce stress when on a diet.

Food supplement designed for slimmers as a complement to a weight loss programme. Capsules containing cocoa seeds extract.

4 capsules provide 800 mg cocoa seeds powder.

Average nutritional information:

                                 For 100g                   For 4 capsules

Energy:                 182 kcal /3.2 kcal           772 kJ /13.5 kJ

Proteins:                         3.6 g                     63 mg

Carbohydrates:             36.6 g                    638 mg

Fat:                                 2.4 g                     42 mg

Also contains:

Dry cocoa extract:         45,9 g                    800 mg

of which Polyphenols:   18,3 g                    319 mg

Contains no added sugar, flavours or yeast. Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians.

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Cocoa Capsules

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