Enzyme Supplements

Enzyme Supplements
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Enzyme Supplements

Enzymes are found in all living matter, plant or animal, and there are thousands of them, manufactured by the cells. Almost all are proteins or contain proteins. Enzymes are chemical "enablers," and life could not exist without them. They regulate virtually every chemical reaction in living things. They enable the body’s immune, endocrine, hormonal, nervous, and other systems to do their work. Some are secreted into the digestive tract, where they break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. They detoxify such substances as alcohol. Besides breaking down compounds, they synthesize others. Some act as antioxidants, deactivating cell-damaging free radicals. Each enzyme is specific to the action it performs—enzymes don’t do general work. Not all enzymes are benevolent, though. Some produce free radicals, and enzymes may play a role in building up plaque in arterial walls.

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