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Species :                     Pelargonium sidoides

Family:                                    Geraniaceae

Origin:                         South Africa

Parts used :                 The root

Presentation:               400 mg per capsule

Active constituents:     Proanthocyanidin type, coumarins, tannins and simple phenolic compounds


Directions:                   2 capsules morning and evening, to be taken with a glass of water.

                                    Children over the age of 6 years. (1 capsule a day)

Not advised for pregnant women



400 mg per capsule the root of cryoground powder.


Pelargonium sidoides has been recommended for the treatment of:

Respiratory infections like bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia, tonsillitis and rhinopharyngitis

It is often used as an alternative to antibiotics


Several clinical studies


Even on children

·         Study on 1042 children over 12, acute bronchitis: the response rate was 80% [LIS-BALCHIN, 2002]

·         Study on 60 children,  acute bronchitis Umckaloabo® is thus at least as effective as acetylcysteine [LIS-BALCHIN, 2002]

·         Double-blind study vs. placebo on 78 children for 6 days: after 4 days, the response rate was 90% for the Umckaloabo® treatment, against 44.7% for the placebo [LIS-BALCHIN, 2002]


Clinical studies on adults

·         On 641 adults, infections of the ORL system and the respiratory tract: after 14 days of treatment, 85% of patients were completely cured or showed a substantial improvement [LIS-BALCHIN, 2002]

·         Double-blind study vs. placebo on 124 adults, acute bronchitis, at the end of the treatment (7days), the number of symptoms in patients treated with Umckaloabo® decreased to a greater extent than with the placebo [SCHWABE]


Mode of action


The alcoholic extract of the roots has been shown to have a three-way effect:


·         Anti-bacterial: the p.sidoides extract prevents bacteria from sticking to cells in the mucous membranes.

·         Antiviral effect: prevents viruses from attaching to the mucous membrane cells and stimulates the body’s immune system in such a way that both bacteria and viruses are prevented from multiplying

·        Expectorant: the extract acts as an expectorant, allowing the body to expel contaminated mucous making conditions less suitable for the multiplication of the bacteria and viruses.


During 14 days of treatment: no side effect. [LIS-BALCHIN, on 2002].

Excellent ratio benefit/ risk for children as for adults. [ SCHWABE].

The cytotoxique potential of the product can be unimportant. [LIS-BALCHIN, on 2002].

Restrictions of use during pregnancy and lactation