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Presentation: Pelargonium 400 mg per capsule
Active constituents:     Proanthocyanidin type, coumarins, tannins and simple phenolic compounds
                   2 capsules morning and evening, to be taken with a glass of water. Children over the age of 6 years. (1 capsule a day) Not advised for pregnant women

400 mg per capsule the root of cryoground
Pelargonium powder.

Pelargonium sidoides has been recommended for the treatment of:
Respiratory infections like bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia, tonsillitis and rhinopharyngitis. It is often used as an alternative to antibiotics

Several clinical studies

Pelargonium on children
·         Study on 1042 children over 12, acute bronchitis: the response rate was 80% [LIS-BALCHIN, 2002]

·         Study on 60 children,  acute bronchitis Umckaloabo® is thus at least as effective as acetylcysteine [LIS-

BALCHIN, 2002]

·         Double-blind study vs. placebo on 78 children for 6 days: after 4 days, the response rate was 90% for the Umckaloabo® treatment, against 44.7% for the placebo [LIS-BALCHIN, 2002]Clinical studies on adults
·         On 641 adults, infections of the ORL system and the respiratory tract: after 14 days of treatment, 85% of patients were completely cured or showed a substantial improvement [LIS-BALCHIN, 2002]
·         Double-blind study vs. placebo on 124 adults, acute bronchitis, at the end of the treatment (7days), the number of symptoms in patients treated with Umckaloabo® decreased to a greater extent than with the placebo [SCHWABE]

Mode of action

The alcoholic extract of the Pelargonium roots has been shown to have a three-way effect:
·        Pelargonium Anti-bacterial: the p.sidoides extract prevents bacteria from sticking to cells in the mucous membranes.
·         Pelargonium Antiviral effect: prevents viruses from attaching to the mucous membrane cells and stimulates the body’s immune system in such a way that both bacteria and viruses are prevented from multiplying
·        Pelargonium Expectorant: the extract acts as an expectorant, allowing the body to expel contaminated mucous making conditions less suitable for the multiplication of the bacteria and viruses.


During 14 days of Pelargonium treatment: no side effect. [LIS-BALCHIN, on 2002].
Excellent ratio benefit/ risk for children as for adults. [ SCHWABE].
The cytotoxique potential of the product can be unimportant. [LIS-BALCHIN, on 2002].
Restrictions of use of
Pelargonium during pregnancy and lactation

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Pelargonium Capsules

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