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Memory Lane™ capsules from Power Health provide 100mg of the important brain nutrient phosphatidylserine (PS). In humans, PS forms a major constituent of brain and nerve cells and is essential for neuronal signalling. As we get older, changes in the composition of these cells in the part of the brain called the hippocampus, lead to a reduction in the amount of information we can store and consequent memory loss.

Clinical studies over a period of 20 years have shown that regular supplementation with phosphatidylserine restores and maintains adequate nerve cell function in a variety of ways which leads to improvements in long term memory and long term recognition. Benefits can be seen in terms of enhanced memory, concentration and learning, making Memory Lane™ of use to a wide range of consumers including the maturing population, students and even sportsmen & women requiring increased concentration skills.

Phosphatidylserine is a natural component of our diet (in varying levels) and the PS in Memory Lane™ is derived from soy (non GMO), so is guaranteed BSE free. The safety of PS supplementation is well documented and there have been no reports of adverse interaction with other medications.

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