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Advanced Cellular Zeolite nano® Extra Strength

Advanced Cellular Zeolite nano Extra Strength - 2floz/60ml

Advanced Cellular Zeolite nano® Extra Strength - 2floz/60ml

Price: 39.95

ACZ nano® Extra Strength provides the highest concentration of nanomized clinoptilolite zeolite per dose, resulting in far greater detoxification and result. Currently prescribed by leading integrative practitioners across the world. Validated by numerous studies and with a proven track record of case histories.

High Concentration Of Zeolite Nanomized Crystals
Superior Ability & Highest Absorption
Removes Toxins Without Binding Nutrients
Easy-Use Oral Spray

The only zeolite-based detoxification product provided in a convenient intra-oral spray
ACZ nano®Extra Strength selectively and irreversibly binds and removes toxic heavy metals, such as Mercury and Lead, chemical toxins, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), radioactive toxins and free radicals of all types through the urinary tract, without removing vital nutrients. These results have been verified in multiple, independent urine challenge studies.

Most oral chelating agents such as EDTA and micronized zeolites, exhibit poor absorption and remain in the gut. Urinary toxin output is significantly increased because nanomized zeolite particles are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, providing a reduction of systemic stress. ACZ nano® Extra Strength works instantly, aiming to detoxify blood, cells, balance pH levels, effectively helping to reverse chemical and allergic reactions.

ACZ nano® Extra Strength is the only zeolite-based detoxification product provided in a convenient intra-oral spray comprised of “wetter water"®; a proprietary micronutrient transport medium that is 43% lower in surface tension, enabling rapid penetration through all biological systems.

Amount per serving: Proprietary blend 1000mg
% daily value not established

Ingredients: Activated Sub-micronized Clinoptilolite Zeolite and Natural Minerals in Sterile Water
Serving Size: 6 sprays
Servings per Container: approx 60

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