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Ajebine™ Capsules

Ajebine 60 Capsules

Ajebine™ 60 Capsules

Price: 34.95

Ajebine Natural Antimicrobial & Anti-Inflammatory Support
Non-toxic and non-habit forming, Ajebine has taken the United States and Europe by storm. Numerous articles have reported on many people experiencing relief of stubborn symptoms within the first few days of use. Trials conducted have demonstrated favourable results in respiratory and allergy-related health. It appears the active ingredient in the bark helps to reduce inflammation and stabilize mast cells activation, thereby balancing histamine levels.

Antimicrobial & Anti-inflammatory Study Results
Helpful Support For Respiratory Health
Safe For Children
Suitable For Vegetarians

Ajebine™ Capsules Ingredients

An estimated 50 million Americans and Canadians have allergies to airborne triggers that cause symptoms of hay fever. Another 17 million have symptoms of asthma. Airborne allergies occur when exposure to a particular antigen (such as pollen, mold spores or animal dander) triggers the immune system to produce antibodies that trigger the release of histamine and other inflammatory compounds from mast cells. The bark of a rubber tree known as Ajebine (Funtumia elastica) growing in west Africa provides a potentially wonderful aid to fighting many common respiratory complaints.

Funtumia Elastica Bark 750 mg
Daily Value not established
Serving Size:2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Contains NO excipients or fillers

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