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Ankle Support With Velcro Straps 1004

Ankle Support With Velcro Straps 1004

Ankle Support With Velcro Straps 1004

Price: 12.95

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This quality ankle support includes Velcro straps which ensures a comfortable fit and stabilisation during activities. The open toe and heel design allows full range of movement, with the support providing compression for weak or overstressed ankles. It relieves pain due to strains or stiffness. This support will help your ankle to heal faster after injury, and it is designed with a neoprene rubber layer sandwiched between durable cotton and nylon laminates. This helps retain body heat and increase blood circulation which accelerates the body’s natural healing process, relieving pain, swelling and stiffness and helping injuries to recover faster. It also reduces the risk of new or recurring injuries by creating greater flexibility in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Wash in cold water. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Sizing Guide - Measure circumference just above ankle bone.


6 - 8 inch

15.6 - 20.6cm


8 - 10 inch

21.0 - 25.7cm


10 - 12 inch

26.0 - 30.8cm


12 - 14 inch

31.1 - 35.9cm

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