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Elasticated Knee Support 2022

Elasticated Knee Support 2022

Elasticated Knee Support 2022

Price: 5.95

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The OPPO Elasticated Knee Support provides gentle compression over the kneecap, increases healing and keeps joints and muscles flexible. It is made from quality 4-way stretchable material with a cotton lining for long lasting, comfortable support. This elasticated knee support will keep your skin dry and comfortable, and is perfect for arthritis knee conditions, minor sprains and strains.

Hand wash with mild soap at 30°C (86°F). Air-dry away from heat and sunlight. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

The universal design fits both Knees.

Sizing Guide - Measure around the mid-section of the knee, while in a standing position


11 - 13 inch

28.6 - 33.7cm


13 - 16 inch

34.3 - 40.6cm


16 - 18 inch

41.3 - 47.6cm


19 - 21 inch

48.3 - 55.2cm

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