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Naples Reading Glasses

Naples Reading Glasses

Naples Reading Glasses

Price: 7.95

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  • + 2.0   
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Blue Slimline reading glasses

These stylish and beautifully designed slimline reading glasses include a spring-hinged, blue metal frame and a style that is suitable for both men and women. Naples reading glasses are manufactured to a very high standard and they combine quality and style with a very comfortable fit. These slimline reading glasses are available in various lens strengths from +1.0 dioptre to +3.5 dioptre.

Follow these five easy steps to keep any type of lens looking like new.

1. Always rinse off your lenses with water before wiping or cleaning. Even tiny particles can be abrasive when rubbed across the lens surface.

2. Clean your lenses by using eyeglass spray, liquid cleaner, or just warm water and a little dishwashing liquid. Gently cleanse the lens surface and rinse off or wipe off any residue. Never use chemicals not specifically designed for lenses.

3. Always use a soft, micro fibre clean cloth to wipe the lens surface after rinsing or cleaning. Never use worn clothing that may have embedded dirt.

4. Never lay your glasses face down. Keeping the lens surface face up prevents them from coming in contact with things that can scratch the lenses.

5. Store your eyeglasses in their case when you're not using them. It keeps dust and particles off and prevents them from being inadvertently crushed or damaged if something falls or gets dropped on them.

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