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Silicium G5 Monodose

Silicium G5 Monodose - 30 x 20ml
Silicium G5 Monodose - 30 x 20ml - view 1Silicium G5 Monodose - 30 x 20ml - view 2

Silicium G5 Monodose - 30 x 20ml

Price: 34.95

Support for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails
Silica is known to be a bonding agent of the four macromolecules that make up the connective tissue of the skin. It is a vital element in the three-dimensional, spatial structure of the skin, providing it with its mechanical properties. This volume increasing process is fully effective and exclusive to fifth generation organic silica. It has a stimulating action so skin renovation is faster. It improves the elasticity of the skin acting on the biosynthesis of elastin and collagen. It fights free radicals. Silicium G5 Monodose, original formula from Le Ribault, is vitalized and of high purity. It is a bioavailable silica product in a monodose format fully assimilated by the body and immediately available to the cells. Perfect dissolution, not colloidal, without the presence of crystallization.

Silicium G5 has no side effects and is preservative free. A single dose of 20 ml per day is equivalent to 40 ml of the original G5 of Loïc Le Ribault.

Ingredients & Amount Per Serving
Silica - 14,4 mg - 25 % DV

Other Ingredients:

water, silicic acid gel, potassium phosphate

Serving Size: 40ml
Servings Per Container: 15

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