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Super Foods

Super Foods - 300g

Super Foods - 300g

Price: 13.95

16 food supplements combined into one product.
Some of the known benefits of the powders in Superfoods include balancing blood sugar levels, promoting joint health, cleansing the liver and detoxifying and cleansing the colon.

Spinach Powder is nutrition-packed, it’s a source of chlorophyll and antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, and B6, magnesium, manganese, folate, iron, calcium, potassium, folic acid, phosphorus, zinc, niacin, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, and the list goes on and on.

Spirulina is a natural “algae” (cyanobacteria) powder that is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients.

Wheatgrass powder has many health and therapeutic values.
Aestheticians and cosmetologists praise the supplement for its ability to enhance the skin’s beauty and slowing down its aging process through internal cleansing and detoxification.

Broccoli is a convenient source of this nourishing vegetable, it’s also a terrific way to obtain a cancer-inhibiting nutritional boost at any meal.

Red raspberry powder is supercharged with ellagic acid and other phytochemicals that have been linked to a myriad of health benefits.

Beetroot powder is rich in antioxidants, dietary fibre, calcium, iron, potassium, folate and manganese, beets are naturally rich in nitrate, compounds that can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Pomegranate powder is rich in polyphenols, which is a natural antioxidant. It also has good anti-inflammatory effects, which can help with reducing the symptoms in people with hypertension and heart disease.

Kale is full of vitamins A + K, calcium, carotenoids. It supports healthy detoxification and healthy liver function.

Strawberry powder helps burn stored fat. Boost short term memory, low in Calories – high in Fibre and Promotes bone health.

Barley grass contains beta carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, pantothenic acid, and folic acid and lots of great minerals.

Blueberry powder is high in Nutrients, the King of antioxidant foods and Protects Cholesterol in The Blood from Becoming Damaged.

Citrus fibre is a fantastic ingredient capable of absorbing 10 times its weight in water, it provides nutritional health benefits because of its high fibre content.

Chlorella powder benefits the entire body by supporting healthy hormonal function, good cardiovascular health, it helps to negate the effects of chemotherapy and radiation and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

16 green and red superfoods in one supplement
A supplement with a truly broad base of nutrients that are energising, balancing, cleansing and alkalising
It can contribute to your 5 + daily servings of fruit and vegetables in a convenient and affordable way
Provides a wide spectrum of highly bio-available whole food nutrients

Spinach Powder, Spirulina Powder, Wheatgrass Powder, Alfalfa Powder, Broccoli Powder, Red Raspberry Powder, Beetroot Powder, Carrot Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Kale Powder, Strawberry Powder, Tomato Powder, Barley Grass Powder, Blueberry Powder, Citrus Fibre Powder, Chlorella Powder, Flavouring: Strawberry, Sweetener: Stevia
*Reference Intake.

For best results mix 2 teaspoons in 250ml of water or add to milks, juices or smoothies (approx 30 servings). Do not exceed recommended intake.

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