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Turning A Blind Eye™ Book - Health Book

Turning A Blind Eye Book - Health Book
Price: 9.95

Good eye health is vital for our overall wellbeing and when we have problems with our eyesight it can cause a great deal of pain and suffering. If you want to learn how to recover your eyesight and avoid eye diseases then the Turning a Blind Eye book can show you how in 10 simple steps

Comprehensive Guide to Eyesight Problems
Proven Solutions by Natural Means
10 Step Book
Workbook and Audio Book Available

Comprehensive Guide to Eyesight Problems
There is now a breakthrough that may help the majority of sufferers to obtain relief from eyesight conditions and to and regain better vision over a 3 to 9 month period. A new book "10 Steps to Your Natural Eye Health", now released in the USA for the first time, explains in detail how doctors in the USA have had good results treating eye problems and other eye diseases for the past six years.

Studies both in the UK and the USA have indicated that nutritional deficiencies are found in the majority of eye diseases. In the book, you will read about Lutein spray, the amazing nutrient that has been shown in these studies to be essential in the regeneration of the macula.

You will also read of the other nutrients specific to your eye condition and how simple lifestyle changes can help, including detailing the types of food that harm your eyes and the simple diet changes and supplements required to repair that damage.

Also Available: 10 Step Eyesight workbook and FREE Audio Talking book for those who have difficulty reading, and who want to overcome this serious epidemic. See the Complete Package (Book, Workbook, Audio Book) also for sale.

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