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Unsweetened Yoghurt Starter Kit

Unsweetened Yoghurt Starter Kit
Unsweetened Yoghurt Starter Kit - view 1Unsweetened Yoghurt Starter Kit - view 2Unsweetened Yoghurt Starter Kit - view 3Unsweetened Yoghurt Starter Kit - view 4Unsweetened Yoghurt Starter Kit - view 5

Unsweetened Yoghurt Starter Kit

Price: 29.95

Make your own delicious yoghurt in 3 easy steps!

2x Classic Unsweetened Natural
2x Thick and Creamy Unsweetened Greek Style
2x Lite Unsweetened Greek Style
Each sachet makes 1kg of fresh yoghurt in any thermal yoghurt maker, but for best result use our Hansells Yoghurt Maker.

Hansells Yoghurt Maker contains:

Yoghurt Maker
1kg mixing tub
2 x 500ml tubs to use on the go
Hansells Yoghurt is a healthy and wholesome food for the whole family. To enjoy the optimal benefits of yoghurt, live and active cultures need to be present. Cultures have a short life, which is why freshly homemade yoghurt is the best way to ensure you will gain the full health benefits

- Contains 4 active, live cultures including acidophilus and bifidus
- Is fresher than ready-to-eat yoghurt from the chiller cabinet
- Promotes healthy microbial balance in the digestive system
- Stimulates growth & activity of beneficial micro-organisms
- Is easy to make, just add water
- Can be used in any yoghurt maker
- Is all natural
- Contains no artificial colours or flavours
- Contains no stabilisers or preservativesIs a source of calcium
- Is suitable for vegetarians
- Hansells Yoghurt will keep fresh for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

Contains: Milk and Soy

Please note that if any of the flavours are out of stock, that flavour may be substituted for another in this pack.

Yoghurt maker dimensions are 24.5cm H x 16.5cm W x 14cm D

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