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Wrist and Thumb Support 1088

Wrist and Thumb Support 1088

Wrist and Thumb Support 1088

Price: 13.95

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This thermal wrist support is suitable for De Quervain’s disease, carpal tunnel syndrome and general wrist support. It includes a thumb orthose which is especially suitable for rheumatics, relieves pain and stabilises CMC joint. The adjustable hook and loop fasteners ensure a comfortable fit and stabilisation of the thumb is provided by a reinforced metal stick. This OPPO Wrist and Thumb Support is made from breathable neoprene with a 100% cotton lining for comfort. Neoprene helps to retain body heat and increase blood circulation, accelerating the body’s natural healing process and helping injuries to recover faster. It also reduces the risk of new or recurring injuries by creating greater flexibility in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The universal design fits both hands.

Hand wash with mild soap at 30°C (86°F). Air-dry away from heat and sunlight. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Sizing Guide - Measure circumference of wrist


5 - 6 inch

14.0 - 15.9cm


6 - 7 inch

16.5 - 18.4cm


7 - 8 inch

19.1 - 21.0cm


8 - 9 inch

21.6 - 23.5cm

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